Poveglia represents a unique opportunity to design a new campus for researchers, students and citizens. Due to the strong image of the island itself, the project aims to enhance the existing condition with few strategic actions. The genesis of the new Campus starts a reinterpretation of the existing 3 islands: the idea is to distribute the program into three different and specific environments. 
The former productive island is turned into the student housing building accommodating as well all the sport, leisure and productive fields. The Former Citadel is converted into the university with all activities for studying such as classes, laboratories, auditorium, the offices and department etc. Finally the “octagon”, which represents the former military defence of the island, is turned into the exclusive library of the new Poveglia University Island. 
Three specific architectures and landscapes are proposed to inspire the student housing, the university Campus and the public library: the Inhabited Bridge, the Hidden Garden and the Shell. In order to give to the islands openness to the city of Venice, a hybridization of the program is envisioned. 
The main student and professor activities happen in the “secret garden”, while the mineral square in front of the historical tower becomes a public square for the visitors. The public flow can benefit form some buildings dedicated to culture/exposition and conferences (the new auditorium). The public might benefit as well from the sport and leisure activities inside the “Inhabited Bridge”.
the Shell
the Hidden Garden
the Inhabited Bridge
Young Architect Competition
Poveglia University Island
Project topic: University Campus
Location: Poveglia island, Venice
Year: 2016, march/june
With: Ludovica Barcucci, Niccolò Croce
Matteo Da Lisca, Stefano Ivaldi, Matteo Motti