MIAW 2017 @ Politecnico di milano
Milan International Architectural design Workshop
Milano Farini Railway
Just Like Starting Over

10.000 new apartments for Scalo Farini
Visiting Professor: Oliver Thill - ATELIER KEMPE THILL
Tutor: Guido Tesio - GANKO
Authors: Anishchenko Maria, Bruno Eugenio, Luzzi Alessio, Maghenzani Paola Elena, Safaryan Ani

The project recognizes the necessity for an organic integration of Scalo Farini within
the morphology of Milan, while simultaneously trying to preserve what is the ultimate
quality of the site: emptiness. The project therefore proposes a strategy based on
the combination of continuous urban fronts and free standing towers with generous
views and accesses to a new urban public park.

The project proposes to preserve the first and smaller warehouse located on the
South-Eastern edge of the area. The bigger one is instead replaced by 5 towers
connected by a plynth hosting public and common services. The whole area comprised
between the towers and the Northern border of the site is destined to a new
urban park sparkled with public activities and programs. The portion of site comprised
between the towers and the railway tracks is left to be colonized by intense,
wild vegetation.

The definition of a clear edge is the main feature of the project, allowing, within a
relatively thin built fabric of 20 m maximum, to reconstitute a realistic urban image
and to reach high leves of density while simultaneously allowing all the units for an
equally intense and unexpected relationship with nature.

The project envisions the construction of a new car and pedestrian bridge connecting
via Principe Eugenio and via Lancetti.

The project combines linear types of 7 floors with a terraced profile toward the park
with free standing towers of 16 floors. The depth of the terraced, linear buildings
varies from 20 m at the base to 10m on the last floor. Each tower has a footrpint of