Academic Project
Architectural Design Studio 2
Project topic Theatre Academy
Location Nordhafen, Berlin
Year 2017, march/june
Mentors Stefan Vieths,
Matteo Aimini,
Nicolò Riva
With Annalisa Battistini,
Ilaria Rigodanzo
The project site is situated close to the historic urban center of Berlin at the Nordhafen, an inner city harbour which is part of the Spree waterway system. The plot is located at the edge of a large abandoned railyard area that extends as far as Invalidenstraße, just north of the Humboldhafen and the new central station of Berlin. The area, lacking of a strong territorial identity, has led to a phenomenon of exclusion from the rest of the city, representing a sort of enclave.
urban shapes abacus
urban shapes analisys
context map
axonometric view
     The whole system of our project is generated by two axis, one along the river and the orthogonal existing roads and the other one following the deviation of the water stream. Thus creating a link between the plot and the other part of the river, taking into account also an abandoned industrial building and a green strip along the coast. 
     The project consists of three building. The Theatre building recalls the idea of the monument and the permanence, thanks to its massive character and solidity of the pure volume. The main spatial element of the project is the composition of auditorium and stage.It also offers an urban forum, open for extern productions or cultural festivals, as well as the works of the near theatre academy. 
     The abandoned building, seen in the project as a scientific research centre, has interesting industrial characteristics and the decision to keep it and integrate it in the project try to address an identity to the complex. The Academy is dedicated to the professional education of young actors. It provides spaces for the education of the future professional performers as well as spaces for lectures and workshops to address school classes. It as has its own auditorium and stage, with reharsal rooms and service spaces.

urban territorial sections
-1 floorplan of the complex
groundfloor of the complex
groundfloor plan
-1 floorplan
theatre floorplan
theatre cross section
interior perspective views
urban perspective views
urban perspective views